Aladdin Oil Lamp Spare Parts Package
Aladdin Oil Lamp Spare Parts Package
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All spare parts are also listed on the site separately, but we have put together a large kit which should last for about 3 years depending on care and usage.

NEW Aladdin Oil Lamps currently being sold are MAX BRITE 500 which uses the R910-500 chimney.   Check the wick turn knob to see what model lamp you have.  The Model 23 was made in 2 different styles, Heelless  R910-2 chimney or Lox-On R103 chimney (which twists on to the gallery)

       Set includes 24 items!

  • 11 - R150 Mantles 
  • 6 - N230 Wicks
  • 3 - Chimneys (see note about the different chimneys)
  • 1 - N106 flame Spreader
  • 1 - N233 Wick Raiser
  • 1 - R111-1b Brass Wick Cleaner / Trimmer
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*** (Most spare parts are the same,  the chimney is different between Model 23 Lox-on and Heelless models or the NEW MaxBrite 500 series uses the R910-500 chimney, also some older models use a different wick) please note items may be in new packaging, Chimneys may have different logo than what is pictured, updated photos coming soon, ***

~~~ NOTE: if you are purchasing a spare part kit for an older lamp please make a note of the type wick you will need in your set. ~~~

If you need assistance on which type set you need please contact us ... or 989-635-2696