Feuerhand Lantern (MANY colors) ****
Feuerhand Lantern (MANY colors) ****
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Shimmer Black (some sparkle in the finish) Picture soon

Cobalt Blue


Dusty Blue (like baby blue)




Galvanized (silver color)  ETA Jan 2019 
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Since 1893, the brand Feuerhand the original producer of hurricane lanterns stands for quality and functionality. The worldwide-known traditional brand has always produced its hurricane lanterns in Germany and bears proudly the title "Made in Germany". Since autumn 2014, Feuerhand belongs to the Petromax Group. Since 1989, the Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern Baby Special 276 is the exclusively produced model.

The early years 1893-1914 The Feuerhand lantern finds its starting point in Beierfeld in the Saxon Ore Mountains. Hermann Nier ran a plumber's workshop there in the 1870's and made lanterns, among-st other things. With the increasing industrialization, workshops were replaced by factories that manufactured their products thanks to machines that was also the case in Beierfeld, which was well-known for its metalworking. The brothers Hermann and Ernst Nier founded there a production site for hurricane lanterns in 1893. (as noted on Feuerhand website)

Baby Special 276

Height 10"

Width 6.1"

Weight empty 1.1 lbs

Fuel tank capacity 11.5 oz. 

Burning time approx 20 hours on single fill

In a cold blast lantern, fresh air circulates between the inside and the outside of the chimney and is warmed up through the pipe system. Fresh air goes through the side pieces, arrives in the burner and supplies the flame with enough oxygen for the combustion. The hot air from the combustion escapes through the chimney.

Please contact us about Accessories... Burner, wick, tank cover, chimney.