C6198 100007012  Emerald (green) Lincoln Drape Aladdin Lamp (Brass)
C6198 100007012  Emerald (green) Lincoln Drape Aladdin Lamp (Brass)
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  • The crest on the chimney is different than the photo. new photos coming soon
  • The lincoln drape style lamp is also being made in Clear, Amethyst, & Red

For your information:

All GLASS FONTS for the Genuine Aladdin LINCOLN DRAPE Oil / Kerosene Lamps are still MADE IN THE USA!

All burners now sold with these lamps use the Slip style Gallery. When purchasing replacement chimneys for your new Aladdin lamp, look for the Heelless chimney model R-910-500. The mantles are still the Lox-On style R150, Wick N230.

Overall height of this beautiful Emerald green Lincoln Drape Aladdin Oil / Kerosene Lamp is 24"

ALADDIN OIL (item #17552 & #17469)

is the finest quality fuel for Aladdin Lamps, both old and new, and is your best alternative to K-1 Grade Kerosene for heating and lighting. If you must use Kerosene please choose the CLEAR K-1 grade kerosene.

Please DO NOT use liquid paraffin (liquid wax) in your Aladdin Oil/kerosene Lamps as it will damage the burner, wick and mantle.