Aladdin Brass Table Lamp  with Opal 10" glass Shade ****
Aladdin Brass Table Lamp  with Opal 10" glass Shade ****
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Aladdin Oil/ Kerosene Brass Heritage Table Lamp . This beautiful Aladdin Brass Heritage Lamp as the B2301. The lamp comes with the font, MaxBrite 500 burner, chimney,10" shade Ring (brass) and a beautiful Opal white student (M540) 10" glass shade .

Best to use ALADDIN OIL (item #17552 & #17554)

is the finest quality fuel for Aladdin Lamps, both old and new, and is your best alternative to K-1 Grade Kerosene for heating and lighting. If you must use Kerosene please choose the CLEAR K-1 grade kerosene.
Please DO NOT use liquid paraffin in your Aladdin Oil Lamps as it will damage the Burner, Wick and Mantle.

Each Aladdin Lamp come complete with:

  • one Model #23 OR MaxBrite 500 Brass burner (with wick installed),  
  • one R150 Mantle
  • one R910-2 OR R910-500 Heelless Chimney (to match the burner) .

Please note on your order if you have a preference between Model #23 and MaxBrite 500 burner