Grand Vertique "Honey Amber"  Table Lamp NICKEL" SET with hand painted shade with Fall Oak leaves  (Limited Edition)
Grand Vertique "Honey Amber"  Table Lamp NICKEL" SET with hand painted shade with Fall Oak leaves  (Limited Edition)
Amber Vertique with Fall OakDetailed hand painting on Fall oak shadefall oak top view
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Aladdin Signiture Series Grand Vertique Oil Table Lamps
Signed and numbered with Certificate of Authenticity.


(Limited Edition only 165 were made) 
Grand Vertique Aladdin Oil Mantle Table Lamp ** Honey Amber** with NICKEL Burner and Hardware"
SET includes the Hand-Painted Glass shade: 
Fall OAK  leaves and acorns 

(see Detailed photos below)

Each lamp with include a certificate of authenticity listing the serial number. 

These lamps are available October 2018 and are VERY Limited as only 165 are being produced. 

The Grand Vertique  lamp comes complete with :

MaxBrite burner with installed wick
MaxBrite chimney
R150 Mantle
Beautiful hand blown Vertique font
Shade Ring
Hand painted 10" glass shade
Just add oil and a match.

The Aladdin Style Grand Vertique Table Lamp was originally produced in 1994.
Aladdin Grand Vertique Table Lamp and Shade has been brought out of retirement as of SEPTEMBER 2017 in limited supplies.
  1. First in the Emrald Green glass with Ivy shade (sold out)
  2. Second in the series: July 2018 with the Cobalt Blue glass with either Violet or Cosmos flowers painted on the white glass shade. (some cobalt Blue vertique table lamps are still available)
  3. Third  in the series: October 2018 Honey Amber with Fall oak leaves or Fall mums hand painted on white glass shade

Each lamp has a serialized sticker on the Glass pedestal and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

We are please to to say the glass Components of the Grand Vertique including the shade are being produced in Ohio, USA, by the Mosser Glass Company.  Shades are finished and hand-painted by Variety Glass in Beech Bottom, WV,  USA