Genie II Aladdin Mantle Shelf Oil / Kerosene Lamp -- CLEAR glass -- Brass hardware *** BEING RETIRED **** LIMITED SUPPLY ****

This Genuine ALADDIN OIL/ Kerosene LAMP style is BEING RETIRED

The Genie II lamp style has been replaced by the Genie III style.

The Genie II Lamp is NO longer in production, which means these have now become another of the collectable Aladdin Oil Lamp. A COLLECTORS ITEM !

Be ready for the Severe weather. Don't be caught in the DARK! Genie II Aladdin oil / Kerosene lamp. Comes complete, ready to add oil and light. Clear color glass bowl, Brass burner with wick, R150 Mantle, and Chimney.

Overall height is 19.5"

All Genuine Aladdin Mantle Oil/kerosene Lamps now being sold include the Heelless burner with slip style Gallery. When purchasing replacement parts for your new Aladdin Mantle lamp, look for the Heelless chimney model R910-2. The Wick is a N230. The mantles are still the Lox-On® style R150.

Aladdin Lamp Oil: (item #17552 & #17554)

“New and Improved Formula, Clean Burning Fuel with no Kerosene Odor. The finest quality fuel for Aladdin Mantle Lamps, both old and new. The best alternative to K-1 Grade Kerosene fuel for heating and lighting.”

Please DO NOT use liquid paraffin as fuel in your Aladdin Mantle Oil Lamps as it will damage the Burner, Wick and Mantle.

Not Available
This product is not currently in stock.

All Prices in US Dollars

C6107 Clear Genie III Aladdin Oil / Kerosene Shelf Mantle Lamp - Brass ***
On SALE: $100.00
Check out a shade for your lamp
Aladdin Oil / Kerosene Mantle Shelf Lamp *** Genie III *** NEW *** Cranberry color glass
On SALE: $158.00
ALEXANDRIA Aladdin Oil Lamp ** COBALT BLUE Glass ** with White Gloss Top / Clear Bottom Glass shade - Brass hardware
On SALE: $244.88
Complete with #501 Whte & Clear 10" Glass shade
Majestic Peach Blossom Aladdin Oil / Kerosene Lamp **** Retired *** LAST ONE****
Being Retired
*** Clear Genie III Aaddin Oil Shelf Lamp - NICKEL ** BEING Retired ** ****


Aladdin Oil Lamp 10" Crystal Satin Shade with Holly Hand Painted ** Christmas ** LAST ONES *** ONLY (2) LEFT ***
On SALE: $99.95
Parchment "FEATHER " oil lamp shade Genuine Aladdin "NEW" 14"
On SALE: $39.00

** Brown Translucent Genie III Aladdin Oil Shelf Lamp - Nickel *** BEING RETIRED ***


Deluxe Aladdin Mantle Oil / Kerosene Lamp - Brass Frame with 12" Glass White Opal Bell Shade ****
On SALE: $363.00
*** Deluxe Hanging Frame****
10" Blue Glass TAM Student Shad
On SALE: $42.00

NEW ***** Full Color Catalog of Aladdin Mantle oil Lamps (new picture coming soon)
On SALE: $2.50
NEW Updated 2013 catalog now in stock
Clipper Brass Lamp - Oil ** (weems & Plath)
On SALE: $249.99
Den Haan Oil Lamp / Weems & Plath
Deluxe Aladdin Oil Lamp - Brass Frame with 12" blue-green Opal Bell Shade *** with NEW CASED GREEN SHADE****
On SALE: $368.00
NEW color shade - same great lamp as the BH210 w
Chrome Atlantic Gimbal Oil Lamp w/Smoke Bell ** (weems & Plath)
On SALE: $149.99

Special Employee Appreciation Gift

DHR Trawler Lamp, Oil ** (weems & Plath) **
On SALE: $319.99
Den Haan Oil Lamp / Weems & Plath
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