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  Quan.   Description Price
1.   ALEXANDRIA Aladdin Oil Lamp ** COBALT BLUE Glass ** with White Gloss Top / Clear Bottom Glass shade - Brass hardware
Item No. VB2312-501-9GT
Sale: $244.88
2.   C6177 Cobalt (Blue) Lincoln Drape Aladdin Mantle Oil /Kerosene Table Lamp - Brass (USA)
Item No. C6177
Sale: $156.00
All prices in US Dollars


NEVER Leave Oil Lamps unattended when lit.


Written by J. W. Courter

"Nearly a century ago, a very small boy on a Nebraska farm read and re-read the Arabian Nights story of Aladdin in a room of darkness but for the flickering yellow light of an open flame “coal oil lamp.” Several years later that boy, grown to manhood, found a lamp that erased the darkness with a soft white light and it was only natural that he named the lamp “Aladdin.” An appropriate name, indeed, for this revolutionary boon to rural America seemed nothing short of magical in the intensity of its light.
"For those who lit the lamp, trimmed its wick and cleaned its chimney, or just enjoyed its friendly glow, the Aladdin lamp recalls many memories of golden childhood. It made learning possible for many boys and girls; made it possible for them to acquire knowledge that helped them realize their dreams and aspirations.
"Later, Aladdin brought this white light to every kind of habitat in every corner of the globe. For many, it has been the only light of their entire life. Even when electricity comes, there are a loyal few who profess to use the electric light only “to find the match” to light their Aladdin."
V. S. Johnson, Jr.
Copyright © 2002 by J. W. Courter
J. W. Courter is professor emeritus, University of Illinois. His avocation is collecting
and studying oil lamps. He writes and publishes books about Aladdin lamps.
® The Trademark Aladdin and Lox-On are used under license from Aladdin Industries LLC.
Victor S. Johnson, 1882-1943, photographed at work in 1924. Johnson named the Aladdin lamp and founded the company that made it world-famous.
Victor Johnson founded the Mantle Lamp Company of America in Chicago in 1908 and imported the Practicus incandescent burner from Germany. He obtained the Aladdin trademark in 1908 and sold the first model of the American-made Aladdin lamp in 1909. In 1926 Johnson bought the Lippincott Glass factory in Alexandria, Indiana to make glass
lamps, chimneys and shades, changing the name to Aladdin Industries.
Agents were recruited to sell lamps throughout the country and farm land. They demonstrated the Aladdin and often left the lamp in the home for an overnight trial. The agent arranged for local merchants to stock supplies. In 1928 the company turned solely to franchise dealers—some 15,000 in the early 1930s. The company advertised extensively in newspapers and through radio.
Smilin Ed McConnell was so popular that he became the "Aladdin lamp man."
In 1949 the company moved their central office from Chicago to Nashville, Tennessee,
the home of Aladdin Industries' today. Aladdin lamps were made in the USA
until 1963, after which brass lamps were imported from England. Only the glass lamps continued to be made in the USA. Since 1977 the Aladdin burners have been manufactured in Hong Kong while the fonts are made in the USA and England. Chimneys, wicks and mantles are made in other countries today.
In 1999 Aladdin Industries sold the lamp division to collector/investors who named their
company Aladdin Mantle Lamp Company, located in Clarksville, Tennessee.
Watson hardware store, Golconda, Illinois, 1937. Very Brief History Colorful Short Lincoln Drape Aladdin lamps are available from the Aladdin Mantle Lamp Company today. "Wireless" World's Finest Non-Electric Lamp Indeed! The Aladdin lamp was developed through application of scientific principles:


C6107 Clear Genie III Aladdin Oil / Kerosene Shelf Mantle Lamp - Brass ***
On SALE: $100.00
Check out a shade for your lamp
Aladdin Oil / Kerosene Mantle Shelf Lamp *** Genie III *** NEW *** Cranberry color glass
On SALE: $158.00
ALEXANDRIA Aladdin Oil Lamp ** COBALT BLUE Glass ** with White Gloss Top / Clear Bottom Glass shade - Brass hardware
On SALE: $244.88
Complete with #501 Whte & Clear 10" Glass shade
Majestic Peach Blossom Aladdin Oil / Kerosene Lamp **** Retired *** LAST ONE****
Being Retired
*** Clear Genie III Aaddin Oil Shelf Lamp - NICKEL ** BEING Retired ** ****


Aladdin Oil Lamp 10" Crystal Satin Shade with Holly Hand Painted ** Christmas ** LAST ONES *** ONLY (2) LEFT ***
On SALE: $99.95
Parchment "FEATHER " oil lamp shade Genuine Aladdin "NEW" 14"
On SALE: $39.00

** Brown Translucent Genie III Aladdin Oil Shelf Lamp - Nickel *** BEING RETIRED ***


Deluxe Aladdin Mantle Oil / Kerosene Lamp - Brass Frame with 12" Glass White Opal Bell Shade ****
On SALE: $363.00
*** Deluxe Hanging Frame****
10" Blue Glass TAM Student Shad
On SALE: $42.00

NEW ***** Full Color Catalog of Aladdin Mantle oil Lamps (new picture coming soon)
On SALE: $2.50
NEW Updated 2013 catalog now in stock
Clipper Brass Lamp - Oil ** (weems & Plath)
On SALE: $249.99
Den Haan Oil Lamp / Weems & Plath
Deluxe Aladdin Oil Lamp - Brass Frame with 12" blue-green Opal Bell Shade *** with NEW CASED GREEN SHADE****
On SALE: $368.00
NEW color shade - same great lamp as the BH210 w
Chrome Atlantic Gimbal Oil Lamp w/Smoke Bell ** (weems & Plath)
On SALE: $149.99

Special Employee Appreciation Gift

DHR Trawler Lamp, Oil ** (weems & Plath) **
On SALE: $319.99
Den Haan Oil Lamp / Weems & Plath
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