Clear Classic Tilt Frame Aladdin Oil Lamp w/14" white parchment Shade ** Shade Limited Supply **
Clear Classic Tilt Frame Aladdin   Oil Lamp with 14" white parchment Shade

Each Aladdin Lamp comes complete with:

  • one Beautiful Aladdin Font (to hold your oil)
  • one MaxBrite 500 series burner ( Brass or Nickel to match the font hardware) 
  • one N230 wick installed in the burner  
  • one R150 Mantle
  • one R910-500 MaxBrite Heelless Chimney 

ALADDIN OIL (item #17552 & #17469) is the finest quality fuel for Aladdin Lamps, both old and new, and is your best alternative to K-1 Grade Kerosene for heating and lighting. If you must use Kerosene please choose the CLEAR K-1 grade kerosene. Please do not use liquid paraffin in your Aladdin Oil Lamps as it will damage the wick and Mantle.