B2301 Brass Heritage Aladdin Oil / Kerosene Table Lamp ****
B2301 Brass Heritage Aladdin Oil / Kerosene Table Lamp ****
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The solid Brass Genuine Aladdin Heritage Oil / Kerosene Lamp B2301 is renowned for its timeless styling. The design for this series dates back to 1927 and has been a popular seller for more than 70 years. The classic styling of the heritage lamp makes it the most versatile in paring with our full line of glass and parchment shades.

Each Aladdin Lamp comes complete with:

  • one Beautiful Aladdin Font (to hold your oil)
  • one MaxBrite 500 series burner ( Brass or Nickel to match the font hardware) 
  • one N230 wick installed in the burner  
  • one R150 Mantle
  • one R910-500 MaxBrite Heelless Chimney 

ALADDIN OIL (item #17552 & #17469)

is the finest quality fuel for Aladdin Lamps, both old and new, and is your best alternative to K-1 Grade Kerosene for heating and lighting. If you must use Kerosene please choose the CLEAR K-1 grade kerosene.

Please DO NOT use liquid paraffin (liquid wax) in your Aladdin Oil/kerosene Lamps as it will damage the burner, wick and mantle.